A Rebuildable Tank Atomizer, or RTA for short, is comprised of a build deck with channels to feed liquid to your build, which is enclosed by a chamber and has a chimney which funnels vapor up to a drip tip.

The tank itself actually holds a certain amount of e-liquid, and gravity as well as pressure feed the liquid from the tank itself through the juice channels to your wick.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers are commonly built with a coil as well as a cotton wick, however some users do prefer different types of wicking materials.

Some RTA’s are capable of being built with more than just one coil.

The first rebuildable tank atomisers began to hit the market in 2012, with Kir Fanis, Svoemesto (of Kayfun fame), Golden Greek and Vapourart leading the way.

These were sold in very small batches on vaping forums, and very quickly sold out. They definitely weren’t easy to build, however offered a vape far above anything else that was available at the time.

Word soon spread about the capabilities of these rebuildable tank atomisers, and the industry exploded quickly from there!

As recently as 18 months ago, many RTA’s in general were an absolute nightmare to build, constant fiddling with coil placements and wicks were needed to obtain a decent vape and prevent catastrophic leaking.

They were also extremely expensive and out of the price range of many vapers.

These days, with the rapid advancement of different deck designs available plus the introduction of juice flow control, RTA’s have become far easier to build, cheaper, almost leak-proof in some instances, much more forgiving, and as such have become a very popular option for vapers.

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